We assist Companies, Charities, Associations and individuals achieve their financial ambitions in Portugal and around the globe with bespoke financial solutions

By developing effective synergies with prestigious partners

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About us

Intalaw is a trading style of Abana Group, with operations in Portugal, UK and Spain to provide a highly personal service delivery wherever our clients settle.

We provide face to face advice and we specialise in meeting the advice needs of people or companies who have created more capital, or who earn higher incomes, than average, and whose circumstances are therefore more complicated than usual.

Most clients want a trusted adviser to undertand and explain the relevant issues, and propose appropriate action.

The strength of our relationship and level of satisfaction among clients and partners may be judged by the fact that all new clients come to us as a result of word of mouth recommendations from existing clients, lawyers, accountants, investment houses and financial institutions.

As we move forward we will continue to work hard to introduce more technology as well as new and intelligent ways to provide greater opportunities for all our clients and partners. New ideas, technology and a low cost environment attracts partners, and partners generate volume which in turn reduces the costs of business, providing a mutual benefit to the client.

Why Portugal? There are tremendous advantages for companies established in Portugal and for individuals wishing to retire and take up residency.


Abana Group provides advice to Companies Charities expatriate professionals and retirees in many areas of the world, and we are very keen to expand our operations. Currently our consultants and partners are enjoying outstanding results, and we see our company’s growth coming from the recruitment, training and placement of high-quality new advisors.

Successful candidates will receive full training, management and compliance support, attractive over ride package, opportunity to live in new vibrant locations, no maximum earning cap. The package includes discounted global health cover, attractive commission rates, on target bonuses, no cap on income and flexible work arrangements

Our Principles are fundamental to our way of doing business and the foundation of everything that we do. They bind us together as an organisation. They make us who we are. They make us leaders.

Client Focus Our clients are the driving force behind what we do, and their interests must always come first.

Respect for the Individual We respect the dignity of each individual, whether an employee, shareholder or a member of the public.

Teamwork We expect teamwork throughout the company and we reward it. It is great teams that win, not loose affiliations of star players.

Responsible Citizenship We believe we have a responsibility to the communities in which we live and work and we encourage our employees to involve themselves.

Integrity No individual's bottom line is more important than the reputation of our firm. Integrity is the cornerstone of our prosperity and our pride; we will protect it, whatever the cost.

Who succeeds in our demanding environment?
Exceptionally bright, committed people. People with drive, intensity, energy and minds that are on fire. Creative thinkers. Leaders who have what it takes to inspire others.


Intalaw helps you capitalise on untapped marketing opportunities that exist throughout Europe.

We do this by partnering with organisations, whereby we can employ our resources and local knowledge specialising in the marketing of products and services. These organisations are “business partners”.

Finding the right business partner is the most important step for success. Intalaw provides expertise in strategic planning, marketing, campaign and program analysis, and product development. We are dedicated to understanding our business partners and working with them to develop products and services that deliver financial benefit.

Our partner product offerings include:

  • General insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Foreign exchange delivery
  • Private banking
  • Real estate
  • International Tax advice
  • Legal advice
  • Trustee services

Marketing and Business Partners

Delivering superior results to business partners is the key to Intalaw success. Providing them with a new revenue stream, increasing their knowledge of their customers and acting as a strategic marketing partner are some of the ways in which Intalaw helps our business partners achieve their business goals. Intalaw has strategic alliances with insurance companies, telemarketing agencies, data processors, printers and other key suppliers. We source the right suppliers to produce and provide quality products and dependable services for our business partners and their customers.

Every partnership needs to have a plan to be successful. We work with our business partners to understand their business goals, customers and the competitive environment in which they operate. Once accomplished, Intalaw will create a marketing plan that will maximise a business partner’s potential.

The benefits to partnering with Intalaw include:

  • Risk-free revenue stream
  • Increased customer loyalty and retention
  • Unique, customized products and services
  • Enhanced knowledge of customer’s behaviour
  • Market share growth

Customer and Products

Our Marketing and Analytics Team are proficient in examining our business partners’ data and designing effective product campaigns. By knowing the individual customer, the most relevant products can be designed and the most appropriate distribution channels can be selected. By working with our business partners, we use our marketing experience to develop niche offerings tailored to the business partner’s customers, offering a unique product at a competitive price.


Our highly personalised approach, experience in assisting clients and our clear understanding of the specific needs of international business and expatriate clients, drawn from our own international origins, make us the ideal organisation with which to progress.

In this environment we do not see competitors, we see potential partners and avenues for partners.

New ideas, technology and a low cost environment attracts partners, and partners generate volume which in turn reduces the costs of business, providing a mutual benefit to the client and the service or product provider.

Intalaw is committed to providing legal professionals with premier support in all areas of their business.

We realise that every firm is unique and have therefore developed a flexible model, which can be tailored to your firm’s individual requirements.

We offer a range of essential services and the option to purchase additional services only when you need them. We don’t believe you should have to pay for services you may not need just to access those that you do; nor do we tie you in to any long term contract, as the quality of our service should be enough to guarantee your customer loyalty.



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